Apolonio Residence

The Apolonio Residence is a Two-Storey house with roof deck. This home has a total floor area of 380 sq.m. and a lot area of 280 sq.m. The owner loves the color of navy blue and a modern house combination. It is located in the Philippines in a private village Alta Vista in Subic town.

Weber Residence

The Weber Residence is a renovation house of Two-storey. This home also features a maintenance pit for owner's hobby. The total floor area of extension is 135 sq.m. This is located in the Philippines, in a exclusive village in Subic Bay, Kalayaan Heights.

Davies Residence

The Davies Residence is a Duplex type of house. It has a total floor area of 160 sq.m. The construction of this house is a metal framing for exterior. Natural lighting. This project is located in the Philippines in the province of Pamatawan, Subic Zambales.